Why to choose this trip?

It is one of the most popular trips in Fræna municipality. At the destination of this trip you can enter three separate limestone caves. The first one is around 40 meters long and leads to a spectacular waterfall. The second cave is accessible trough a ladder which leads to another waterfall. The third cave is difficult to find, but the map by the first cave will help you find it!


Where does the trip start?

After Moen you should drive toward Eide. In about 2 km there will be a big sign and parking on the left side of the road (Road 64).


How to get to the top?

You just follow the signs from the parking. You will go through a forest (expect some steep parts already) then through rocks and stones you follow all the way to the entry of the largest cave. Be careful with the wet and damp conditions and do not forget to bring waterproof shoes.


Trip details?

  • Length of the tour: 6,5 km
  • Total elevation: approximately 400 meters
  • Estimated time (up and town, and entering caves): 4-5 hours
  • You need headlights or torchlights when entering the caves.