Why to choose this trip?

It is a very nice destination which is easily accessible from Skaret. The peak is 979 meters high and gives a gorgeous view over the mountains of Fræna and Molde and the Molde Panorama.


Where does the trip start?

The hike starts from Skaret (around 10 km away from Molde). First, you follow road 64 then road 405 all the way to Skaret. There is a restaurant on the right side of the road from where the path starts.  


How do you get to the top?

You can take a circle, by hiking the mountain from the southern side and descending through the eastern (or vice versa). From the restaurant in Skaret you follow the path next to the lake

then take a left turn where you spot the sign toward “Urfjellet”. Then you follow the sign. In the beginning you will pass through a peatland so do not forget to put waterproof shoes on. After the peatland you will have a steep part through a forest then the last part to the top from the southern side. Once you reached the top, just follow the way toward east to get down to the lake.


Trip details?

  • Length of the tour: 8,5 km
  • Total elevation: approximately 780 meters
  • Estimated time (up and down): 4-5 hours